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                Carsem offers a variety of JEDEC compliant QFP (Quad Flat Package) for medium to high pin count IC’s.

                The MQFP is available in body sizes ranging from 10 x 10mm to 14 x 20mm with lead counts from 24 to 100. The LQFP is a family of low profile packages with body sizes ranging from 7 x 7mm to 10 x 10mm and lead counts from 32 to 64.

                MQFP (Metric Quad Flat Pack)
                Body (mm) Lead Count
                10 x 10 44/52
                14 x 20 64/80/100/128
                LQFP (1.4mm) (Low Profile Quad Flat Pack)
                Body(mm) Lead Count
                7 x 7 32/48
                10 x 10 44/52/64
                MLPQ/D – EP MLPQ/D – COL
                Leadframe C7025 / EFTEC64T
                Die Attach 84-1 LMI-SR4
                Wire Bond 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3mils gold wire
                Mold Compound G600 Series (Green) G700 Series (Green)
                Lead Finish 100% matte Tin or NIPDAU
                Marking Laser
                Packing (JEDEC Trays) Bakeable – Thin Profile
                Non-bakeable – Thin Profile
                Process Flow CFC-QFP-LTM-NSD (Dry Pack) CFC-QFP-NSD-DP (Dry Pack)
                CFC-QFP-LTM (No Dry Pack) CFC-QFP-NSD-NDP (No Dry Pack)
                JEDEC Reference MS-022 3.2mm Footprint
                MO-112 3.9mm Footprint
                MO-143 2.6mm Footprint
                MS-026 2.0mm Footprint
                References Specifications
                Mil Standard 883 for Test Method and Procedure
                J-STD-20 Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification
                JESD 22- A113 for Preconditioning for Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification
                Reference Specifications
                Autoclave 1008 hours 121°C / 100% RH, 2 atm
                Temp. Cycle 1000 cycles -65°C / +150°C
                Thermal Shock 300 cycles -55°C / +125°C
                Reliability & MSL Results

                Please Contact Sales Office for Package Specific Results

                CLICK to view Package Outline
                MQFP LQFP

                Please contact Sales Office