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              MLP - Package Miniaturization


                Package Miniaturization is necessary for new generation devices where thickness, size, weight, and package performance are paramount. Typical applications include WiFi-enabled handsets, tablets and mobile/portable systems


                • Terminal pitch as low as 0.35mm
                • Profile heights as low as 0.32mm
                  • Ultra low loop wire bonding for extremely thin package profiles
                  • Wafer Background and polish down to 0.1mm
                • Process enhancements for reduction of package area :
                  • Tight multi-die and stacked die clearances
                  • Die overhang, COL (Chip On Lead) and FCOL (FlipchipCOL) for larger die to package ratio (from 0.25 to 0.65)

                Full turnkey services, Electrical Test, Tape/Reel solutions available for all miniaturization programs