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              MICRO - Power Package


                In addition, Micro BU provides a diversity of surface mountable and thermally enhanced packages for power management ICs and power devices in the form of SOT223 (4leads), T0220 and DDPAK (3/5/7 leads) packages and the JEDEC compliant MLP5x6mm punched version. These power devices can withstand stress conditions in Autoclave for 96 hours @ 121°C/ 100% RH, 2atm and Temp cycle of 200,500 cycles@ -65°C / +150°C.

                Carsem offers a wide variety of surface mountable and thermally enhanced packages for power management IC’s and power devices. Some of these packages are also available in below configurations

                • Single & Dual Cu clip capability for PDFN 5X6 in standard & 100X300mm leadframe platform.
                • Thin Die capability
                • Solder paste & high thermal epoxy


                Mostly used on computer motherboards, LED TVs, servers, laptops and automotive segments.


                Package Type Description ?Lead Count
                SOT223 Small Outline Transistor 4
                TO220 ?Transistor Outline 3/5/7
                TO263 (DDPAK) Transistor Outline 3/5/7
                PDFN 5X6 Punch Dual Flat No Lead 8

                Package Outline Drawing & Datasheet

                Click lead count to view Package Outline
                SOT223 4 L
                TO220 3/5/7?L
                DDPAK (TO263) 3/5/7?L
                PDFN 5X6 8?L

                Bill Of Material & Reliability Performance

                • Carsem offer standard material for low cost and high MSL performance
                • Support specific or non standard bill of material to meet customer requirement

                Reliability & MSL Results

                • Please Contact Sales Office for Package Specific Results